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Falling In Love with Cheese

A box of chocolates is nice on Valentine’s Day. But to really get straight to the heart of a foodie, your best bet is cheese. Few things elicit gasps of delight like a board filled with thickly-veined blues or the butterscotch tones of aged Gouda. It’s hard not to swoon even at the thought of […]

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Our Top Wines & Spirits for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Flowers, check. Chocolates, check. Drinks… check! At Fairway, we’ve got everything you need to impress your one and only on Valentine’s Day. Just look for our in-store displays brimming with items in red and pink and heart shapes galore—we’re clearly in the mood! And if there’s anything that gets us into the valentine’s spirit, it’s… […]

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Fairway Is Your Source for your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts: Tasty Present Picks

Tick, tock, the clock is ticking. Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW. You still haven’t gotten a gift for that special someone (or your mom, or your bestie, or yourself)? Don’t stress, just head to Fairway, fast. You’re present conundrum is solved. Here are some gifts we’re giving to show some seriously delicious love. We guarantee they […]

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Make This for Valentine’s Day: Steve’s Mom’s Famous Marinated Shrimp

South Alabama, where my mom and dad drive a couple of miles for buckets of gigantic, freshly seined, wriggling white and red shrimps for half the price of up north.  Destination a beyond-picturesque bayou near Bon Secour where their favorite shrimper lives, a young guy and his wife raising young kids out where the Spanish […]

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Dreamy, Love-Filled Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Some cliches are cliche for good reason. Chocolate for your valentine is always a good bet, especially when in the form of flourless, fudge cookies spiked with chili powder. No special someone in your life right now? Your friends and coworkers will appreciate some honey-fried figs, we promise. And whipping up this easy chocolate molten […]

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Win Her/His Heart and Stomach with These Sexy Valentine’s Day Recipes

Valentines Day is approaching fast! Nothing shows your love like something luscious you make with your own two hands and delicious Fairway ingredients.

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Fairway Market Chocolate Bread

LOVE Chocolate Bread & Edible Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t thought about what you’re going to make tonight for a romantic tete-a-tete, think no longer. Surprise your sweetie with lovingly made delights, whether you have a hand in preparing them or not. A half hour at Fairway Market is all you need to shop for all your ingredients after […]

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Romantic Dinner

Farm-to-Fairway Valentine’s Day Dinner

As part of our Farm to Fairway series with NBC and LX.TV, Fairway Chef de Cuisine Mitchel London and I were tasked with sourcing the key ingredients for a Valentine’s Day dinner. So we headed to the West Coast in search of loin of lamb, heirloom navel oranges, and Meyer lemons. Mitchel has a long […]

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