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Leftover Turkey Sandwiches: Cranberry Stuffing & Smoked Bacon, Brie & Dijon

It’s almost Turkey Time, which means you need to get your leftover turkey menu ready! Transform your leftover turkey into delicious sandwiches! Use all your leftovers in a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy on a Fairway whole wheat baguette, or pile smoked bacon on top of your turkey with brie and Fairway Dijon […]

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NEW! Fairway Monthly Flyer: Thanksgiving with Fairway!

  We hate to play favorites, but Thanksgiving may be our all-time happiest holiday. Nothing brings people together the way wonderful food does. Food is a universal language of love, family, community, and joy. At Fairway, we’re fluent. We’re THE destination for everything you need for Thanksgiving and beyond. If cooking is not in the […]

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How to Carve Your Fairway Turkey: Our Experts Break It Down

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You’ve already pre-ordered your perfect Fairway turkey. Your home will soon be fragrant with cooking smells and buzzing with family and friends. At my Thanksgiving table, grandpa carves the perfect Fairway bird with his whirring electric knife…oh so slowly, precisely, and beautifully. No matter your own turkey carving ritual, […]

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Meet Our Farmer Merv, The Man Behind Fairway Local, Antibiotic-Free Turkey

Fairway Market has always boasted a wonderful turkey selection, but this Thanksgiving is different. It’s the first year we have our very own Fairway Turkey, proudly bearing a Fairway Label. (PS: pre-order now! Today is your last chance, don’t miss it! Choose from Merv’s Fairway Turkeys and an incredible array of other fine turkey choices.) […]

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Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving! 5 Tips for a Good-For-You Day and 3 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday.  Rooted in family tradition, Thanksgiving is one of those rare occasions where my family’s dress code is pajamas only, excuse to leave the couch is to throw around a football, and highlight of the day is of course Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is also my favorite because it happens […]

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Cook at Home this Thanksgiving! Great Sides Dishes for Holiday Happiness

In our go-go-go-go lives, it’s hard to find time to stop and smell the roses. Or, to stop and make a pumpkin pie. But the rewards are so much greater than the sum of the parts (eggs, brown sugar, pumpkin, fragrant cloves). The tactile experience–the mixing, spooning, slicing, dicing, flipping–can be deeply meditative, therapeutic. Cooking […]

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Fairway Market Turkeys! There’s No Turkey Like A Fairway Turkey

Fairway has always been a turkey destination. But this year, we’re taking our turkey game to a whole new level. “We wanted to bring in the highest possible quality turkey we could find,” says Dennis Bland, Fairway Market’s Vice President of Meat and Seafood Operations, “better than our customers could get anywhere else.” So we […]

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Giving of Thanks: Counting Blessings at Fairway

It is normal to take pause and consider one’s blessings at this time of year. This Thanksgiving deserves a bit more reflection upon our bounty, and an even deeper consideration of the good will and giving spirit of those who have joined together to look after each other at this tremendous time of need. Fairway […]

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Gobble! Gobble! What We’re Eagerly Anticipating Devouring this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! What a perfect holiday for cooks and food-lovers. The autumnal bounty gets translated into no-holds-barred fall feasting. Perhaps you’ve already been mulling over the menu for weeks. There are pies to bake and potatoes to mash and turkeys to carve. Fairway Market is buzzing with food shoppers stocking their kitchen with green beans, […]

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Turkey Carving

Carve Your Turkey Like a Butcher

On Thanksgiving Day, watch Fairway Master Butcher Ray Venezia LIVE on Fox 5 Good Day New York at 9:30 AM as he shares his EASY TURKEY-CARVING TIPS! His secret: Don’t do it in front of an audience! No, you’re not chickening out by slicing up that big bird in the kitchen rather than at the […]

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