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Talk Like A Fisherman: Notes from Tony, Our Master Fishmonger & Why Fairway’s Fish is the Best

We like to do things the old-fashioned way at Fairway–which means Captain Tony Maltese, the man at the helm of Fairway’s seafood department, is up before the crack of dawn, selecting the best-of-the-best treasures from the sea. Here are some fish facts and lingo from  Captain Tony, and a little insight into how we do things […]

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Where You Should Be This Weekend: Fairway Market, Woodland Park

I’m getting up bright and early tomorrow (yes, Saturday!) to head to our Woodland Park store. You should, too. Come hungry. I love Rock Stars. It’s a concert of inspiration, innovation, and conversation. And food, of course. This is Fairway Market, after all. Our Food Rock Stars will be hanging out, doing their thing, sharing […]

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Go Fish! The Scoop on Mercury and Why Fish is a Good Choice

I love eating fish. Of course you probably wouldn’t know that given all the flack I took  for pulling Jeremy Piven from his smash hit David Mamet Broadway play “Speed the Plow”. Piven was under my care for fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Blood work revealed toxic levels of mercury in his system. The mercury was probably due […]

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