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Blood Orange

Citrus Surprises: Cara Cara & Blood Oranges

It’s that time of year again — flu and cold season. Stock up on vitamin C-packed fruits like the Cara Cara and Blood Oranges. These beautiful citrusy delights are special in that they differ from your ordinary orange with their low acidity, and their rich flavor and coloring as well. At first glance these oranges […]

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Meyer Lemon

Lemons & Limes: Sweet Enough to Eat?

The words “lemon” or “lime” may inspire a bitter or sour image, but you may be surprised to find out this isn’t always true. The Meyer Lemon and Sweet Lime offer a unique twist on the conventional tartness and acidic flavors of the everyday lemon due to their naturally sweet taste. They offer great versatility […]

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Horned Melon

Pick of the Day: Hello, Horned Melons

Wondering what in the world this is? Don’t let those spikes scare you away from trying this tantalizing tropical fruit from New Zealand, which also makes a great new fruit for Rosh Hashanah, and is available in Fairway stores now. The horned melon (also known as kiwano, African horned cucumber, jelly melon, English tomato, or […]

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