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Good Morning, Sunshine! 7 Cool Breakfast Ideas to Beat the Heat

I am at my air conditioned desk and I don’t wanna leave! Often, I’m antsy. Today, I’m content to stay here and bask in the cool, artificial air as long as possible. It’s just so crazy hot outside! Sweaty, sticky…relentlessly, incredibly hot. Which makes me ponder how best to feed myself in this heat. I’m […]

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Celebrate 80 Years of Fairway with 8 Fairway Market Faves

Happy birthday to us! 80 years ago, Nathan Glickberg began Fairway Market as a humble fruit and veggie stand on the Upper West Side. We’ve grown slowly but surely, filling our racks with incredible finds from around the world and close to home. We’ve opened more stores, but we’ve remained true to our roots. We are […]

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Slicing Smoked Salmon

Picks of the Day: Bagels & Smoked Salmon

Bagels and smoked salmon are a perfect pair, but you know you’re eating something special when each can stand strongly on its own, wowing you with taste and texture. And Fairway’s does just that, whether they’re your break fast meal, your breakfast, your brunch, lunch, snack, or dinner. The first time I ate Fairway’s smoked […]

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