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Grilled Pineapple with Fairway Hazelnut Spread & Vanilla Mascarpone

Summer calls for succulent pineapple. When it’s grilled, the tartness subdues, but the sweetness remains. Top with dollops of Fairway Hazelnut Spread and marscapone mixed with a bit of vanilla, sprinkle with shaved almonds. Delicious dessert accomplished. Fairway Hazelnut Spread is made in Italy with high-quality cocoa, rich hazelnuts and sweet skim milk. Delizioso! Ciao, Nutella! Grilled […]

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Take a Tropical Vacay at Fairway: Exotic Fruit Adventures

There’s a chill in the air. New York feels downright autumnal today. Think crisp apples and warm, spiced cider, scarves, and fiery leaves (those have not arrived just yet!). Our gorgeous produce section is full of Love Local fruits and veggies–the last of summer’s bounty. Plums and peaches are having their final, juicy-sweet moment in […]

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