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Get Minty Fresh and Gorgeous at Fairway with these Great Cosmetics

I love peppermint tea! Mint-infused chocolate! Minty mojitos! And these days, I’m a big proponent of cool mint on my hair and skin. One of the components of peppermint oil is menthol, master at opening breathing passages and settling upset stomachs. Ancient Egyptians used mint to cleanse and purify their homes, and America’s first colonists stocked […]

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Organic Skincare at Fairway & Why We Love Weleda

There are things for sale at Fairway that may not provoke your gastric juices, believe it or not.  One of them is a German line of toiletries that is bringing to us such delight that we must tell you about it. WELEDA, probably pronounced ‘VAH-lay-duh’ by a German-speaking person, offers spritz deodorant, either wild rose […]

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