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Healthy Olive Oil

Strike Gold with Body-Rich Olive Oil!

Olive oil has been around since ancient times in Greece, Rome and Spain. Olives have been a part of religion, mythology, and culture and have been a symbol of peace and victory dating back to ancient civilizations. Modern science supports the idea that olive oil has many health benefits. Extra virgin olive oil has long […]

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Olive Oil & Olives

Why Fairway’s EVOO is Exceptional

We’ve seen the face – your expression of sheer delight when you visit our olive oil stations in our stores. Next, cue the amusement-park level of enjoyment as you taste with a sense of discovery, relishing the depth of flavor that bursts in your mouth. In my Ode to Olive Oil essay, I expounded on […]

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Olive Oil and Olives

The Truth About First Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

Outside of Fairway, many olive oils are labeled as “first cold pressed,” but that doesn’t mean anything anymore. These days olives are hardly ever crushed, or pressed, except in tiny mills that still have old equipment — and even in those instances, it’s typically for old times’ sake, or for tourists! Olive millers used to […]

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Olive Oil Bar

Ode to Olive Oil

Sheer, absolute and tiresome rubbish, all this misinformation and nonsense I read on innumerable internet sites about olive oil. Truly, I despair of the worldwide stranglehold the internet has us in, such a muddle of cant and blather, and one can only imagine the mess we’re in if all of life’s other subjects are treated […]

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