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Picnic Basket Packing Guide

The best thing about picnics is it’s all about rustic, simple pleasures. A durable outdoors blanket, a wooden basket and basic food is really all you need. Follow our tips to ensure the perfect picnic-packing list. Casual Foods: this is no time for formal utensils. Sandwiches and bite-sizes food you can eat with your hands […]

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Dried Fruits & Nuts

Dozens of Dried Fruits & Nuts!

Think dinner isn’t complete until you have dessert? Have you ever heard the phrase “from soup to dessert”? Of course not, because the expression is “from soup to nuts.” Let that idiom guide you when you’re shopping, cooking, and eating. As always, Fairway is challenging how you think about food. Call us nuts, but we […]

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Assorted Nuts

A Nation of Nuts!

National Nut Day is October 22nd! Some may take a moment on this day to give some special attention to those kooky people in their lives, but others who are even kookier (like myself) will celebrate the glorious nut, which is wonderfully nutritious and convenient as can be. When talking about nuts, I’m referring to […]

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