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Love Those Melons: A Melon Primer with Peter Romano

It’s not officially summer until we’ve taken a big bite from a slice of candy-sweet melon, right from the rind. Summer is melon season. And melon season has arrived with full force. A stroll down our rainbow produce department will tell you that much. We’re thrilled to carry your favorite melons, plus some new and funky varieties […]

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Beat the Heat: A Stove-Free, Memorable Summer Meal

During the heat wave, instead of popping into a Duane Reade or vacant thrift shop every couple blocks to steal a break in the AC under the guise of “looking for a gift for my friend,” I thought some time Upstate would be nice. Understandably, not everyone is afforded the same gift of a weekend […]

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Love Those Melons: Galia Melons and How to Tell if a Melon is Ripe

Galia melons are awesome. I cut one up for breakfast the other day, but only half the melon made it to my bowl. The rest I munched perched over my cutting board. They are uber sweet and juicy–the perfect refreshing fruit for summertime, and a welcome addition to any fruit salad. A galia looks like […]

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