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Favorite Condiment: Andre Laurent Sauerkraut

I once thought of sauerkraut as the least romantic of foods, something for hot dogs and old Polish grandmothers. I was happy to be proven wrong. So very wrong! Sauerkraut is having a moment in the sun. It’s the condiment of now, popping up on menus galore in the trendiest spots. But nothing is new, […]

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Panettone & Stollen

Holiday Gifts: Panettone, Stollen & More

Cakes and candies are as much a welcomed part of the holiday season as snowflakes. And Fairway wouldn’t be LIKE NO OTHER MARKET® if we didn’t offer festive global flavors. Right now, our stores are full of traditional Italian Panettone and German Stollen, along with an assortment of British treats our Specialty Department brought in […]

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Sea Salt

Why We Love: Fleur de Sel & Sel Gris Salts

Like a coach encouraging his players to be the best they can be, great salt helps every dish reach its full potential. And when any meal or dessert, from roasts to poached pears, is sprinkled with Fleur de Sel, a finishing salt (meaning you don’t cook with it … you only add it before serving), […]

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EVOO & Artisanal Vinegars

Fairway’s Fine Food Holiday Gifts

For a long time now, you’ve mentally registered that you get far more pleasure out of giving something memorable than receiving something memorable. We know you. You’re just like us. The nettlesome drudgery of having to go to the trouble to shop for a gift is only made bearable when you come across something you […]

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