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Fairway Is Your Source for your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts: Tasty Present Picks

Tick, tock, the clock is ticking. Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW. You still haven’t gotten a gift for that special someone (or your mom, or your bestie, or yourself)? Don’t stress, just head to Fairway, fast. You’re present conundrum is solved. Here are some gifts we’re giving to show some seriously delicious love. We guarantee they […]

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A Sweet Story, Sicilian Style: Fiasconaro Panettone & Spreads for the Holidays

In the shadows of the Modonie Mountains, the small beautiful village of Castelbuono stands in the valley. The town took its name from the 14th century landmark “Castello Del Buon Aere” or “Castle of the Good Air”. Castelbuono, is part of the province of Palermo, Sicily. Sixty years ago an artisan named Mario Fiasconaro mastered […]

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Cara Cucina Garlic & Artichoke Cream: A Little Jar with a Big Following

During my first walk through Fairway in Harlem, I was in awe of the diverse and expansive array of merchandise lining the aisles throughout the store. I was looking for a bag of pretzels, and wow! Did I find pretzels — 30 different varieties. Fat-free, gluten-free, salt-free, and even among the vast array of specialty […]

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Fall Head Over Heels for Cabeço Das Nogueiras Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As a kid, Alberto Serralha played in his grandfather’s olive groves near Abrantes, in central Portugal, where the Rio Tejo flows toward Lisbon. Olive oil is in his blood. With a childhood spent watching his granddad harvest and mill olives from ancient trees, Alberto knows what great oils should look like, smell like, and taste […]

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NEW Beautiful Wooden Boards, Accessories from Oregon at Fairway

A piece of good cheese deserves a lovely cheese board. For many years, we’ve devoted our lives to finding you the most delicious, cool, wonderful foods from the far reaches of the world. Now we proudly introduce pate boards, cutting boards, and more on which to display your Fairway Market bounty; as well as lovely […]

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Harissa Appetizer

Why We Love: Shim’on Harissa Sauce

The folks in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria are condiment geniuses. We have ketchup; they have harissa. A potent, kicky concoction of piri piri (a variety of chili pepper), serranos, garlic, and spice, this stuff is incredible and incredibly addictive. Shim’on harissa is imported from France, not the Middle East, and they too take harissa seriously. […]

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Latour Chocolate Waffles

Why We Love: Biscuiterie Latour Waffles

When you want to hibernate indoors and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation, fortify your home with phenomenally delicious sweets, and Biscuiterie Latour’s Gaufres de Liege — sugar waffles — have you covered. These are special enough to ring in the holidays, make great host and hostess gifts, and they’re comforting enough to cure a […]

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Banyuls Vinegar

Why We Love: Sweet Banyuls Vinegar

The breathtaking town of Banyuls-sur-Mer sits on the coast of the Mediterranean, on the scenic slopes of the Catalan Pyrenees, near the French Spanish border. On ancient vines grow plump, juicy grapes, from which Banyuls, the famous fortified vins doux (sweet wine) gets lovingly made. The storied vines also yield one of the world’s finest […]

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La Trinquelinette Raspberry Jam

Holiday Gifts: La Trinquelinette Jams

Sometimes the most genius ideas and the best gifts are the simplest. La Trinquelinette jams employ no bells and whistles, no tricks or surprises. They’re stunning, straightforward concoctions made in small batches by boiling fresh fruit and unrefined cane sugar with a little vanilla or almond extract. That’s it. Simplicity means there’s no way to […]

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Pommery Mustard

Why We Love: Pommery Mustard

Moutarde de Pommery de Meaux (or Pommery Mustard from Meaux, France) is wonderfully rustic whole-grain mustard, the very best mustard in all the world. It’s the final say on mustard. Moutarde de Pommery’s recipe dates to 1632. Brillat-Savarin, the Father of French cuisine, declared this the true mustard of gourmets. “If it isn’t Meaux, it […]

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