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Beautiful Ingredient Spotlight: Rainbow Chard

What a cheerful veggie. Rainbow chard has crisp-tender stalks in bright yellow, pink and red, and dark green; and just-a-bit bitter, deep-dark green leaves. It’s a versatile way to get your dark leafy green fix– sturdier than spinach, and mellower than kale–chard is a star of so many dishes. It’s awesome on its own, with […]

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Hearty, Healthy Minestrone Soup with Fall-Off-The-Bone Short Ribs

The hardest part about this vegetable soup is lugging all the ingredients home and then peeling and chopping everything. But it’s worth it, and if you make a big enough batch, you will have increasingly delicious leftovers for a while. And don’t worry too much about the amounts, increase the recipe as you like, this is a very […]

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All Hail Kale!

Kale is a super-nutritious and ultra-delicious type of cabbage which, in its leafy-green form, looks more like an exotic type of lettuce. Enjoyed extensively by the ancient Greeks and Romans, kale is widely known in nutrition circles as richly packed with antioxidant vitamins and minerals.

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Shelf Life (A Genius, On-the-Fly, Fairway-Sourced Dinner Party)

I have millions of rules for the kitchen. Unlike other parts of my life where I am a happy anarchist and break all the rules all the time, the kitchen is a palace of purpose. Of course, it should be noted that all the rules in my kitchen were made up by and are enforced […]

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Magical Mushrooms: How to Use Fresh and Dried ‘Shrooms for Very Big Flavor

Steve fills us in on what to do with those cool, gorgeous porcini, cremini, chanterelles, and oysters; and why good cooks ought never be caught without dried ‘shrooms on hand. The Beauty of Wild, Fresh Mushrooms Never wash a mushroom. Wipe away any impurity with a cloth or a brush. Cut off the stem ends […]

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Beat the Heat: A Stove-Free, Memorable Summer Meal

During the heat wave, instead of popping into a Duane Reade or vacant thrift shop every couple blocks to steal a break in the AC under the guise of “looking for a gift for my friend,” I thought some time Upstate would be nice. Understandably, not everyone is afforded the same gift of a weekend […]

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Go Fish! The Scoop on Mercury and Why Fish is a Good Choice

I love eating fish. Of course you probably wouldn’t know that given all the flack I took  for pulling Jeremy Piven from his smash hit David Mamet Broadway play “Speed the Plow”. Piven was under my care for fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Blood work revealed toxic levels of mercury in his system. The mercury was probably due […]

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Fresh Herbs and Spices

Our Secret Ingredients

There’s a reason why Fairway is famous for being the tastemaker of the food industry — why we’re in newspapers and magazines all the time, why foodies consider Fairway not just rock ‘n’ roll but symphonically orchestral. It’s because we cook. Constantly. We think we probably cook better than you — a lot better. But […]

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