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Fairway Coffee Guru Benny Lanfranco Heads to the Dominican Republic for Incredible Coffee

Fairway’s beloved, near-perfect coffee starts with the beans…which start with the farmers, their families, and just-right soil, weather, and rain needed to nurture what will eventually become a perfect cup of coffee. Benny Lanfranco, the coffee genius at the helm of our renowned coffee department, travels all over the world to spend quality time with […]

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Coffee Field Trip! Cupping with Fairway Master Roaster Benny Lanfranco

It was a cool, crisp fall day in Brooklyn and Fairway’s coffee extraordinaire Benny Lanfranco invited me to join him for a day of cupping. Cupping? Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the ritual of examining the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. At Fairway, we do this every single week to make sure we […]

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They’re Here! Fairway OneCup Coffee Pods!

Lori tells the tale of how Fairway came to acquire our new and incredible Private Label OneCups.   We Fairway folk know coffee. And we ought to since we have been buying, roasting and selling the stuff for 80 years. It is a crucial  segment of what Fairway is and what we do, so it matters to us […]

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What’s in Your Cup? A Primer on Coffee Roasts

Editor’s Note: Ryan works in the incredible world of Fairway Coffee with our Coffee Mastermind Benny. Ryan knows a thing or two about coffee. If French Roast and City Roast are just pretty names to you, read on! Ryan enlightens us about what’s what in coffee-roasting lexicon:  Coffee roasting is the most important and among […]

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Straight from the Source: Our Coffee Guru Benny Lanfranco Visits Hacienda San Pedro in Puetro Rico

When you come into Fairway Market, you see rows and rows of wonderful barrels filled to the brim with all shades of shiny, smooth, brown beans. Here’s a look into how they get there. Hint: it’s a labor of love! It starts with the beans…which start with the farmers, their families, and just-right soil, weather, and […]

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Coffee Geography: Where Does Coffee Come From?

According to Google, more than 50% of Americans (or about 150 million people) drink coffee every day. That amounts to a daily consumption of more than 330 million cups! This makes the United States the most coffee dependent country on Earth. Coffee has obviously proved its popularity time and time again in this country, but how […]

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Hot Day, Cold Coffee: Iced Coffee Love

Iced coffee is a summer staple. I crave it the moment I roll out of bed; and there’s no better warm weather afternoon pick-me-up than a strong, smooth, cold brew. Since iced coffee gets diluted by ice, it’s got to be robust. One approach is to simply brew a pot of super-strong coffee, and leave […]

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Talking Coffee with Benny Lanfranco, Fairway’s Master Roaster

We roast over 800,000 pounds of coffee every year, in small batches, with so much care and love. Benny is the man behind the whole operation, sourcing the finest beans straight from earnest farmers, and importing them direct so the quality and price are incomparable. Benny’s been working with coffee since the ripe old age of […]

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Perk Up with Pumpkin Spice Coffee

A cold, early morning wind is slapping your window pane. Cloaked in your comforter, you hug your pillow a little closer, thankful it’s the weekend … that is, until you realize it’s Friday, not Saturday. Oh, wishful thinking can be so cruel. Then, after you hesitantly pull the blanket away with the strength that it […]

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