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Break Out of Your Rib-Eye Rut: Master Butcher Ray Venezia Shows Us Lesser Known, Super Flavorful Cuts of Beef

We’re all for breaking out a filet for a big night, and we’re mighty proud of our strips and tenderloins. But with a whole glorious butcher counter before you, it’d be a shame to stick to the familiar favorites. Our own Master Butcher Ray Venezia gave a great rundown of alternative, tasty cuts of beef in […]

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London Broil

Bring on the Beef

I’m a big beef fan. Because I’m a physician, it may sound strange to you that I’m such a proponent of beef when beef gets bashed by so many of my colleagues in the health profession. In fact it’s come to the point that the unfair beef bashing has become so pervasive that it’s caught […]

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Veal Piccata

Veal for Columbus Day

Love dishes like Chicken Parmesan or Chicken Piccata? These popular Italian meals are just as drool-worthy with another type of meat — veal. The beauty of the veal cutlet (also called scallopini) is that it can be handled just like a chicken cutlet. Pounded thin, breaded, and pan fried; baked with sauce and cheese; or […]

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