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Fall Head Over Heels for Cabeço Das Nogueiras Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As a kid, Alberto Serralha played in his grandfather’s olive groves near Abrantes, in central Portugal, where the Rio Tejo flows toward Lisbon. Olive oil is in his blood. With a childhood spent watching his granddad harvest and mill olives from ancient trees, Alberto knows what great oils should look like, smell like, and taste […]

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Welcome Argentinian Mendoza!! Our Wonderful Newest Addition to Our Barrel EVOO Lineup

It’s spicy. It says so on the bottle. And that was Steve’s first comment when he leaned his head back and took a big ol’ swig, as Steve is wont to do.  PS: It’s Steve who writes the eloquent descriptions on our 13…now 14…Fairway-labeled olive oils. It’s also Steve who traverses the world, finds the […]

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Fairway Barrel Oil Spotlight: Greek Koroneiki

About six miles from Sparta in the Peloponnesos region of Greece, the state of Lakonia, is a valley called Glykovrissi, referring to its “sweet fountains”, that is, its bountiful freshwater springs. Here, too, are the olive groves owned and tended for generations by the Doukas family. The Doukas family escaped a brutal Nazi occupation in their […]

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