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What’s In This Cool Looking Tin? Sicilian Girolamo Anchovies, Of Course!

All the mock-authoritarian, faux-expert American foodwriters continue to tell you sea salted anchovies is the only way to go.  Which is total nonsense.  No matter how long you soak and rinse them they remain unpalatably salty.  And bony.  The best anchovy is a hand-filleted anchovy hand-packed in olive oil or vegetable oil. Our Catalan Escala […]

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Roque Anchoiade

The Amazing Anchoiade Appetizer

There have long existed traditional recipes, centuries-old, for dishes that first thrilled me decades ago, and that even today make my mouth water. And the one I’m about to belabor today is PERFECT for entertaining, one that will impress greatly and be highly memorable. The Riviera’s classic recipes spring to mind when I give it […]

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Roque Anchovies on Appetizer

Take the Leap! Try Something New Today at Fairway

For once (well, at least once every four years), time is on our side. How will you use the extra 24 hours? We have an idea – well, it’s more like 30 sage suggestions for must-try items to put on your shopping list, and to put to the taste for the first time TODAY, and […]

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