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Fairway Organic Spice Set

Spring into Spices

It’s the season for cleaning. What I’m going to tackle first is the area in my kitchen I’d love to tackle last — my spice cupboard. Yes, I have so many spices, a mere rack doesn’t cut it. I have an entire shelf dedicated to piquant powders and zesty rubs. While I’d like to say […]

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Roque Anchovies on Appetizer

Take the Leap! Try Something New Today at Fairway

For once (well, at least once every four years), time is on our side. How will you use the extra 24 hours? We have an idea – well, it’s more like 30 sage suggestions for must-try items to put on your shopping list, and to put to the taste for the first time TODAY, and […]

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Fairway Whole Wheat Miche

Fresh! NEW Fairway Whole Wheat Breads

We know you love our baguettes, but if those rod-shaped, crusty loaves of dough that stand at attention, inviting you to grab them, don’t already transport you to a Parisian boulangerie, our NEW and beautifully handcrafted Whole Wheat Miche — a large, round, slightly flattened bread that is pictured here — most certainly will. That’s […]

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Fairway Market Chocolate Bread

LOVE Chocolate Bread & Edible Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t thought about what you’re going to make tonight for a romantic tete-a-tete, think no longer. Surprise your sweetie with lovingly made delights, whether you have a hand in preparing them or not. A half hour at Fairway Market is all you need to shop for all your ingredients after […]

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Dried Fruits & Nuts

Dozens of Dried Fruits & Nuts!

Think dinner isn’t complete until you have dessert? Have you ever heard the phrase “from soup to dessert”? Of course not, because the expression is “from soup to nuts.” Let that idiom guide you when you’re shopping, cooking, and eating. As always, Fairway is challenging how you think about food. Call us nuts, but we […]

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Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Appetizer

Happy New Year! Top Tips for Party Food

You can easily entertain for New Year’s Eve this year, and you can impress guests with more than pigs in a blanket. We’ve all pictured ourselves being that impeccably dressed, charming host or graceful hostess who has drinks ready and music playing before the first guest rings the doorbell, but none of us are foolin’ […]

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Stone Crab Claws

Perfect Catch: Stone Crab Claws

Have you noticed the black-tipped crab claws in Fairway’s seafood department lately? If you’ve walked past these beauties, thinking you’re not in the mood to struggle with your supper, take a few steps back before you miss out on one of the greatest gifts from the sea this season. These specialties are stone crab claws, […]

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Shrimp Ceviche Salad

Mangia! Feast of the Seven Fishes

I’m undeniably a seafood fanatic, and I have my family to thank. Every holiday dinner, every celebratory occasion, and many weekend dinners are made special with baked clams as appetizers, pasta with cockles (called “vongole,” in Italian), or some preparation of shrimp, either fried, grilled, or in a scampi sauce. For me, the perfect meal […]

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Sea Salt

Why We Love: Fleur de Sel & Sel Gris Salts

Like a coach encouraging his players to be the best they can be, great salt helps every dish reach its full potential. And when any meal or dessert, from roasts to poached pears, is sprinkled with Fleur de Sel, a finishing salt (meaning you don’t cook with it … you only add it before serving), […]

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Chicken Soup

Murray’s Chicken for Your Kitchen

There is fresh chicken for the pickin’ at Fairway, and our Butcher Shop gets it daily from Murray’s local farms in Pennsylvania’s lush countryside. These certified-humane birds are raised without antibiotics or hormones, and they always travel less than 300 miles to get to you. In all our nine stores, you’ll find an incredible range […]

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