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All Hail Kale!

Kale is a super-nutritious and ultra-delicious type of cabbage which, in its leafy-green form, looks more like an exotic type of lettuce. Enjoyed extensively by the ancient Greeks and Romans, kale is widely known in nutrition circles as richly packed with antioxidant vitamins and minerals.

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Holiday Heft Help from Carlon Colker, MD

Holiday food season is upon us, and the nightmare of the heft it leaves behind looms. But there are some key things that you can do to minimize the caloric damage and avoid a post-holiday horror. The first step involves scheduling those big meals and festivities a little earlier in the day.

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The Fabulous Fruit: Tomatoes

With great flavor, stunning variety, amazing cooking versatility, and some cutting-edge health benefits, the tomato fruit (yes, I said “fruit”) still reigns supreme as the star of the produce aisle. Often confused for vegetables because of our tendency to put them in salads, the tomato is actually a fruit. This is most evident when you […]

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Go Fish! The Scoop on Mercury and Why Fish is a Good Choice

I love eating fish. Of course you probably wouldn’t know that given all the flack I took  for pulling Jeremy Piven from his smash hit David Mamet Broadway play “Speed the Plow”. Piven was under my care for fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Blood work revealed toxic levels of mercury in his system. The mercury was probably due […]

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Grilled Fish in Foil

7 Healthy, Grill-Smart Strategies

With these grilling strategies, you can have a quick and healthy meal every day of the week! A tong and brush will be your best companions. However, a fork can become useful when testing to see if your fish is done. Keep lemon juice available when grilling fish to squeeze periodically as the fillet cooks, […]

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Grilled Chicken Meal

Light & Healthy Grilling Tips!

Spring and summer can only mean one thing for food and cooking enthusiasts: Grilling! However, you shouldn’t always limit your grilling choices to the typical heavy options: burgers, steaks, and ribs are great, but represent only a sampling of the possibilities. Take a look at the lighter side. The meals may fascinate you! Fairway market […]

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Cayenne Pepper

Fat-Burning Food!

If you find yourself struggling to maintain a healthy weight or simply looking to lose those last few pounds, it might be time to consider adding some specific functional foods to your diet. Although very different in taste, shape, and texture, these three “fitness foods” can contribute to health by boosting your metabolism and satisfying […]

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Canary Melon

Cream of the Crop: Canary Melons

If you enjoy freshly chopped fruit salad, you are most likely familiar with the aromatic and juicy flavors of cantaloupe or honeydew melon. However, it’s time to bring awareness to a lesser known member of the melon family that supplies a similar taste, yet possesses its own unique advantages in the kitchen. The canary melon, […]

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Eating Breakfast

Top 10 Energy-Boosting Fitness Tips

Have you been dragging yourself through each day? If you follow these simple 10 tips, you’ll feel invigorated, ready to seize every moment: Start the day with a substantial breakfast to fuel your day, including complete proteins (e.g., eggs, yogurt, milk, etc.) and whole grains like oats. For most people, their biggest meal is dinner, […]

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Top 3 Energy-Boosting Foods

Feel sluggish? Need to put some spring in your step? Look no further than what you put into your shopping cart. These three foods can help power you through your day. COCONUT WATER Found in green coconuts, coconut water is low in calories, fat-free, and cholesterol-free. Plus, it’s loaded with electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, calcium, […]

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