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Taste of the Seasons – Interview with Andy and Mike



1) What’s your favorite part of Fairway?

Andy (District Manager): Our people. We have a lot of experts and dedicated people who have worked their way up from clerks, to assistant managers, and managers, so they really understand the intricacies of the business.

Mike (General Manager, Red Hook): Our customers. I’ve worked in a few stores, and Red Hook, in particular, has some of the most loyal, friendly, and happy customers of anywhere I’ve been.

2) What differentiates Fairway from other stores?

Andy: You can do all of your shopping at any Fairway. Conventional, organic and specialty products all in one location. Full-service meat, deli, cheese, coffee and bakery counters, and even an extensive vitamin collection.

Mike: Our selection, knowledgeable associates, how we merchandise and set-up displays, as well as our customer interactions.

3) How do you see the future of Fairway in terms of promotions like Taste of the Seasons?

Andy:  We continue to work to bring customers new and innovative products, providing unique programs such as Taste of the Seasons and our annual collaboration with international food communities in order to be The Place to go Fooding!

Mike: In the 9 years I’ve been here, we’ve grown and seen a lot of positive things. Giving back to our customers and building more promotions to help celebrate them is important to us. They come here because they want to and love us.


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