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Falling In Love with Cheese

A box of chocolates is nice on Valentine’s Day. But to really get straight to the heart of a foodie, your best bet is cheese. Few things elicit gasps of delight like a board filled with thickly-veined blues or the butterscotch tones of aged Gouda. It’s hard not to swoon even at the thought of all that deliciousness.

If you stop by the cheese counter at your local Fairway Market, our experts will be delighted to recommend a few cheeses to share with you boo. We’ve also got a guide to the basics of building a cheese and charcuterie board. Or check out our top picks for the cheeses that will impress below.



Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton

Full, rich and creamy with complex flavors of honey, leather, tobacco and molasses. Huge and spicy aromas with a dense and crumbly texture.

Vintage Dutch Gouda Aged 3 Years

We’ve tasted every vintage of gouda out there but the 3 year is our favorite. Deep amber in color with flavors of butterscotch and just a hint of saltiness from those delightful crunchy crystals.

Charles Arnaud Fort des Rousses 6 Month Comte

The aromas in this traditional French Cheese are light and sweet, like boiled milk and fresh cultured butter. Remarkably complex with flavors of fresh grass, cultured crème and a whisper of straw.

Grafton 2 Year Raw Milk Cheddar

Bold flavor profile with tangy cultured notes and hints of dry hay and brown butter. Finishes on a clean, nutty note. Try it with fresh apple slices or grate it over a bowl of chili or warm apple pie.

Frans Hals Dutch Goat Gouda Aged 7 Months

Nutty and buttery up front with a long caramel finish. Aged 7 months, this ivory-colored cheese is dense and smooth with a slight crunch from the crystals that form naturally with aging.

Fairway 8 Month Aged Manchego

Sweet & nutty with flavors of brown butter & almonds. Produced in Castile La Mancha, Spain and made exclusively from whole milk of the Manchega sheep. Perfect with a dollop of fig jam.

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