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Introducing the 12 Roasts of Christmas!


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a boneless breast of turkey!

Forget golden rings and lords a leaping. We’re counting the days of Christmas with 12 glorious roasts. From prime beef to pork loins to glorious racks of lamb, each one is a show-stopping centerpiece fit for a grand holiday feast. Stop by the butcher counter at your local Fairway Market store to pick up yours. But first, let’s get acquainted with each of these stunners.

1. Beef Tenderloin Roast
This cut of beef packs a punch of flavor in every bite, whether you like it rare or well done. Lean yet juicy and oh-so-tender, just like its name implies.

2. USDA Prime Standing Rib Roast
Other butchers call this cut a prime rib roast to suggest that their beef is USDA prime, even when it’s not. Ours is the real deal: it has the highest grades, which means that it’s impeccably marbled with a luxuriant taste.

3. Chateaubriand
A thick cut of beef tenderloin so juicy and tender it requires little dressing up. The perfect cut for making a feast special.

4. French Rack of Lamb
Trimmed by our expert butchers, who make sure that each rack is as delicious inside as it is beautiful outside. Just rub it with some herbs and salt and pepper and you’ve got an exquisite masterpiece.

5. Fresh Ham
Tired of turkey? Choose ham! You can’t beat this family favorite. Not only will it be a hit at dinner, the leftovers will make a nice sandwich.

6. Prime Eye Round Roast
Prime eye round is nice and lean, giving you that classic roast beef flavor and texture. Best cooked to no more than medium to let its quality shine.

7. Pork Loin Crown Roast
This delicious roast is known for its artful appearance and juicy, rich taste. You’re guaranteed to impress your guests with this majestic cut.

8. Crown Roast of Lamb
Truly regal in appearance, with the masterfully-trimmed bones sticking out like a crown. But its not just about looks: the meat is so deeply flavorful and delicious.

9. Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin
When you wrap succulent, juicy tenderloin in bacon, nothing can go wrong. The nice and meaty flavor of the beef paired with the salty sensation of the pork makes for a mind-blowing combination.

10. Stuffed Boneless Pork Loin
We’ve taken the hard work out of stuffing your meat: each one of these loins contains a swirl of festive flavor wrapped inside a lean and juicy cut of pork.

11. Boneless Turkey Breast
This is the best part of the turkey turned into a masterpiece. Perfect for smaller gatherings or for anyone who is a fan of succulent white meat.

 12. French Loin of Pork
A traditional cut of beautifully-trimmed pork—a presentation like this will bring your holiday meal to the next level.

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