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So Many Pies, Oh My!

Stopping by your local Fairway Market this weekend? Keep an eye out for in-store tastings of our pumpkin pie. If you haven’t committed to a dessert to serve at Thanksgiving just yet, we recommend using this opportunity to test drive our take on this classic—we think you’ll be pretty impressed.


While we’re on the subject of pies, we should point out that pumpkin is only the start of our impressive pie selection. In fact, all of our pies meet the highest standards of perfection:

  • Each has a tender golden crust that flakes oh so gently as you dig your fork into it.
  • Then, there’s a supple filling made with real fruit, not too sweet and deeply flavorful.
  • Both parts works together beautifully—the crust holds up without getting soggy from the juices.

Finding a pie that ticks all those boxes isn’t easy, but we’ve got ‘em at Fairway Market. They’re made by our expert bakers using traditional family recipes—with just one bite, you can tell that our pie knowledge runs deep. Available in multiple sizes (and some kinds by the slice), there’s a pie to suit every preference and occasion.

So whether you’re looking to impress at Thanksgiving with a pumpkin masterpiece or want to treat yourself to a piece of our all-time customer-favorite very berry, you’ll wanna get to know our pie varieties. Come taste our pumpkin pie in-store from November 16-18 and our apple pie from December 21-23!

Our tasty pie lineup:


    • Pumpkin - Creamy pumpkin meets our secret blend of spices in a holiday favorite done right.


    • Apple - Made with fresh Ida Red apples, real sugar, and cinnamon. Nothing but pure fruit flavor.


    • Cherry - Loaded with the highest-quality cherries for the perfect balance of tart and sweet.


    • Blueberry - Each bite tastes like diving into a barrel of the sweet wild blueberries it’s made of.


    • Very Berry - Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries—we couldn’t fit in more fruit if we tried!


    • Sweet Potato - This Southern specialty has sweet potatoes blended with spices until they’re smooth as can be.


    • Apple Brown Betty - Sliced apples inside a crust topped with irresistible oat and brown sugar crumbles.


  • Coconut Custard - Full-on coconut flavor that’s made even better with the best butter, sugar and buttermilk.

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