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Swiss Fondue and Raclette at Fairway


There ain’t no party like a fondue party!

Fairway is hosting a celebration of Swiss fondue and raclette cheese with our friends from Mifroma this weekend. Stop by our Harlem location on Saturday 11/17 between 3 and 7 PM to get in on the hot ‘n’ oozy action.

What is fondue, you ask? If you don’t know, what have you even been fon-due-ing? Fondue is only the most amazing way to eat cheese to your heart’s content, and who doesn’t love cheese?

Here’s the lowdown: fondue is a Swiss specialty made by melting cheese in a small pot, which is placed on the dining table over a small burner to keep it warm. Diners are given a selection of cubed bread and veggies, plus skewers for picking them up with. Then, the dunking commences and everyone is allowed to dip their bites in the cheese, smothering them in gooey dairy deliciousness.


The Swiss ingenuity doesn’t end there, either. We can also thank the European country for raclette, in which a cheese of the same name is gently warmed, then scooped out straight from the wheel and directly onto diners’ plates for enjoying with potatoes, pickles, and other small bites.

Sound amazing? We thought so. If you’re ready to do the fondue and rock the raclette, come join us and Mifroma this weekend for a cheesy ol’ time!

Swiss Raclette and Fondue at Fairway

November 17, 3–7 PM
At Your Local Fairway Market
Find the nearest location to you here: Fairway Store Locator

Plus, get inspiration with these cheesy recipes from Mifroma.

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