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Fairway Market Is Your Turkey Destination

With 10+ varieties to choose from, we’ve got a turkey for everyone.

Last week, we shared some tips for picking the best Thanksgiving turkey for your table. But we forgot to mention that you can find more than ten varieties of turkey at Fairway Market, so clearly we’re the best place to try out new your turkey-selecting expertise. From organic to kosher to traditional birds, get to know our great selection before you go shopping.

Fairway Antibiotic-Free Fresh Whole Turkey


This is our classic bird: nothing but fantastic taste and the highest quality. Raised in a stress-free environment by experienced farmers and fed a vegetarian diet without antibiotics or hormones.

Fairway Organic Fresh Whole Turkey


USDA certified organic, which means that these birds are raised without antibiotics or GMOs. This is a flavorful and succulent turkey that you can feel good about serving to those you love.

Fairway Heritage Fresh Whole Turkey


Heritage turkeys have a rich flavor that is the result of careful raising and traditional methods—these birds never receive antibiotics and spend their days roaming the countryside, like turkeys should.

Fairway Brined Fresh Whole Turkey


All the great qualities of our antibiotic-free turkeys, but with additional brining, which helps the meat stay plump, juicy, and flavorful and keeps it nicely seasoned from the inside out.

Fairway Bone-in Turkey Breast



Each previously-frozen turkey breast features a convenient pop-up timer so you know exactly when it’s ready. Perfect for smaller gatherings or for anyone who is a fan of succulent white meat.

Murray’s Antibiotic-Free Fresh Whole Turkey


Murray’s turkeys are raised locally on an all-natural, 100% vegetarian diet by small family farmers who are dedicated to growing an exceptional product. Antibiotic- and hormone-free.

D’Artagnan Organic Fresh Whole Turkey


Free-range, USDA-certified organic, and raised on a non-GMO diet. Roasts up beautifully—crisp, golden-brown skin and a tender, moist inside is practically guaranteed with such high quality.

Empire Kosher Whole Fresh Turkey


Fresh, all-natural, hormone-free, and certified kosher. Meaty, deeply-flavored, and robust, these birds are perfect for roasting and are sure to be a showstopper on your table.

Plainville Fully-Cooked Organic Turkey


Thanksgiving doesn’t get any easier when you have one of these USDA certified organic, oven-roasted turkeys: they’re ready to go, heat, and eat, plus they have an old-fashioned flavor you’ll love.

Plainville Boneless Turkey Breast Roast


No more wishing there was more breast meat: this is the best part of the turkey turned into a masterpiece. Fabulously juicy, easy to carve and easy to serve.

Shady Brook Fresh Turkeys


Honest. Simple. Turkey. Packed with flavor, each bird features a convenient pop-up timer to ensure exceptionally moist, perfectly cooked meat. No artificial ingredients and minimally processed.

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