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Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day is Nov. 15th!


November 15th is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Enough with the made up holidays already!!! we can hear you say. But hold on: this festival of fastidiousness is actually a pretty useful reminder that most of us could do with a fridge check up. Even if you’re not in the kitchen right now, take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

● Do you remember the last time you cleaned out your fridge?

● Are you pretty good about buying only condiments that you’ll use over and over again?

● Is your fridge mostly stocked with unopened non-perishable goods that don’t actually need to be in there (you just hate wasting space)?

 If you answered yes to all of the above questions… good for you.

For the rest of us who said no, lets work on what we can do to get rid of those objects of indeterminate origin lurking on shelves across America. Because if there’s any time to tackle this critical issue, it’s now, with Thanksgiving just around the corner. You don’t want to contend with trying to fit that oversized turkey inside an already overstuffed fridge. Or face the indignity of having your neat freak in-laws pass judgment on the four crusty containers of mustard sitting next to the rosé as they reach for a drink.

If it’s been longer than you’d like to admit since you’ve done a deep fridge clean (raises hand), we know it can be intimidating. But here ‘s our method for making it easy easier.

1. Grab your supplies. 

Before you get started, make sure you have some cleaning basics on hand. We suggest gloves, paper towels, sponges or scrubbers, trash bags, and an all-purpose cleaner. If you have one, grab a cooler for storing things while you work.

2. Take it out. Take it all out.

This isn’t the time to play favorites. Empty everything out of your fridge and put it in one place.

3. Go through everything one by one.

We like to run down this quick checklist and only save things that tick all these criteria. Anything that’s a no or maybe gets put in the trash:

a. Is it definitely still fresh / usable?

b. Is it still within its use-by date?

c. Do you actually use it or know you will use it?

As you go through the lineup, make sure to put any highly perishable items worth keeping in the cooler.

4. Remove and wash any detachable shelves or drawers.

It’ll be much easier to clean these individually and you’ll be more likely to find any hidden dirty spots. After removing, give them a good scrub with your cleanser. For any tough-to-remove, extra-sticky substances, you may want to let them soak in soapy warm water in the sink or bathtub.

5. Spray the inside of your fridge with your cleanser and get scrubbing.

Pay special attention to those corners, nooks, and crannies where things tend to collect.

6. Wipe down the outside of the fridge.

Don’t skip this part! There’s likely some grime hanging out around the edges. And definitely make sure to wipe down the top of the whole thing—you might not think about it often, but chances are there’s some major dust hanging out there.

7. Put everything back!

First, put the shelves and drawers back in their place. Then, return all of the food. You may want to give some items a quick wipe before putting them back, especially condiment jars that may have some sticky stuff on the outside. And if you anticipate that you’ll need extra room to fit those items for your upcoming holiday feast, now’s a good time to organize everything strategically.

Voila! Your fridge is Thanksgiving-ready. And don’t forget that you can get way more at Fairway Market than just the food that goes in your fridge. You can get everything for cleaning it, too! Happy scrubbing.


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