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Why You Should Try Murray’s Omega-3 Chicken

The Next Big Thing in the Chicken Industry

Dr. Oz reveals the new omega-3 chickens that are popping up in supermarkets today. Journalist Mark Schatzker explains how many omega-3s can be found in these chickens. Find out the new foods farmers are giving their chickens to boost omega-3 levels.

Omega-3: you’ve heard of it and know it’s good for you. Maybe you even saw that Fairway Market now exclusively offers omega-3 chicken from Murray’s. But if you are wondering why this new product is a big deal (or what omega-3s are), we can tell you should definitely check it out the important health benefits that an omega-3-rich diet offers.


Research suggests that these fatty acids can reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, and even help with anxiety and depression when incorporated into a balanced diet. The only problem? They’re found mostly in foods that most of us don’t eat very often, like oily fish and certain seeds and nuts.

To help consumers get more of this nutrient, farmers and scientists developed a method for making chicken rich in omega-3s (chicken being the most widely consumed meat in the US). And it’s pretty simple—by switching from the usual feed of corn and soy to one with ingredients like whole wheat, green peas, and flax, the animals obtain omega-3s through their diet. Meat from birds raised this way contains about 40 times more omega-3s than ones raised on conventional feed and about 75 percent as much as salmon, which is pretty impressive.

Only a handful of farmers have adopted this method, so make sure to look for chicken that has the omega-3 label to take advantage of these benefits. If you’re shopping at Fairway Market, keep an eye out for Murray’s omega-3 chicken, which is a product that we are proudly the first and only store to offer. And if you know Murray’s, you know that they already offer superior poultry—family-farmed, antibiotic-free, and wonderfully flavorful all around.

So give it a try and enrich your diet the way nature intended. And if you’d like to learn more, check out this article from Dr. Oz : The Next Big Thing in the Chicken Industry


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