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The Perfect Drink To Pair With Your Halloween Candy

Caramels and Caramel-Filled Candies: Champagne

You know how caramel is chewy and kind of lingers? A glass of chilled bubbly can act as a palette cleanser for all that sugar (in addition to making you feel fancy). The wine’s acidity will also mellow out the sweetness of this delectable treat.

Chocolate: Irish Coffee

Whiskey, coffee, and chocolate together? Yep, life doesn’t get much better. And this combo tastes as amazing as it seems: the astringent notes in the coffee and whiskey will balance out the richness of your chocolate of choice. Add a little brown sugar and cream and you’ll heighten the flavors of both dark and milk varieties.

Coconut Candies: Drinks with Pineapple and Other Tropical Fruits

If you like piña coladas… you’ll love this combo. One of the best ways to offset the richness of coconut is to pair it with the tangy acidity in pineapple and other tropical fruits. Bonus points for adding something spicy, like habanero hot sauce, which will create a truly unique flavor sensation.

Peanut Butter Candies: White Russian


Milk + PB&J is a no-brainer. Same goes for peanut butter candies. The creaminess of White Russians is perfect for washing down those chocolate-covered cups, while the bittersweet flavor of the coffee liqueur is an obvious match. You could even say it ties this pairing together.

Sour Candies – Citrus Cocktails (i.e. Pisco Sour)

Wanna feel the sour power? You can bring out the zing of crystalized candies with lemon- and lime-based drinks. The natural tartness of citrus juice will amplify the punch of the candies for anyone who loves to pucker up.


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