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Pumpkin Carving 101

The most basic, fool-proof method for getting the perfect pumpkin!

Carving tools and reference pics at the ready!

1) Decide what you’re carving FIRST. Having that in mind will make it much easier to layout. It’s also helpful when buying your pumpkin and deciding on shape/size.
2) Buy your pumpkin – Just stop by your local Fairway Market and grab one of the pumpkins we currently have on sale. Once you’re home, cut off the top and scoop out all of those seeds and guts.

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3) Get your reference picture and print it out. Vector images/silhouettes are easiest to use for this method. If you have fancy drawing skills, you can even trace an image of your choice and use that (we went with a version of the “YUM” emoji).

4) Tape/adhere your reference to your pumpkin. Using a push pin, poke in the edges of your reference design. This will create outlines for you to cut along with your carving saw, but doesn’t leave residual ink like a marker would (plus you won’t have to deal with wet paper moving around like other methods.

5)  Remove the reference and start carving! Make sure to only cut along the pin marks to keep your vision intact.

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6) You’re done! Now just set a tea light candle in your pumpkin so you can show-off your masterful carving work and** make all of your neighbors jealous!



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