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Celebrate National Pasta Day with the Perfect Pairing!

There's nothing better matched then pasta and wine.

What pops into your head the second you think of what you’re drinking with pasta? Wine! We’ve put together some of our favorite pairings to help you enjoy this delicious holiday.

Our Exclusive Import

Puro Desío Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

perfect to pair with a classic bolognese.


This richly red, subtly flavored, 90 point wine pairs perfectly with most foods, but especially delicious with red meats and sauces like bolognese. Together they create a perfect harmony of flavor. Even better, you can find combo packs of the ground veal, pork, and beef you need right in our meat department!

Bright And Subtly Sweet

Ruffino Pinot Grigio

with pesto shrimp fettucini



This subtly sweet, almost perfectly clear pinot grigio is an excellent complement to brighter sauces like pesto that have a light, crisp flavor. We found tossing the juice from a quarter lemon with some of our Fairway spinach pesto, fresh sauteed Fairway Jumbo shrimp and our specialty imported fettuccine brought the flavors to even greater heights!

Crisp and Snappy

Papi Sauvignon Blanc

with garlic, oil, and red pepper bucatini


This is a sweeter variety for a Sauvignon Blanc, but still has a nice crispness to it. While you can enjoy it with fruity desserts (like our delectable fruit-topped cheesecake), it’s also a great compliment to spicier dishes like a garlic and oil sauced pasta. It will cut some of the zest and heat while allowing you to enjoy the deeper flavor.

Find any of these wines and more at your nearest Fairway Wines and Spirits location! Find the one closest to you here:


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