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Mommy & Me Valentines




Mommy (or Daddy) & Me Valentines

The perfect crafts to make with your kids for their school exchange.

We were challenged to think up a simple and fun way for parents to create creative valentines with their children for their in-class valentines exchanges. We came up with this cute and SUPER EASY to make “Takeout” valentines.

What you’ll need:

From the local craft store:

  • Red & pink mini takeout boxes
  • Multicolored shredded paper
  • Mini treat bags
  • Assorted ribbons
  • White paint pen

From Fairway:

All your favorite Valentines Day themed candy!

  • Valentines M&Ms
  • Heart-shaped gobstoppers
  • Sour candies
  • Organic lollipops
  • Phrase hearts

We started by separating the different colors of each candy so we could make color layers, but feel free to keep yours mixed!

We filled each treat bag about 2/3 full with a candy mix, then tied them off with a ribbon ( though you could also use a simple twist tie if you felt like being a little less crafty)

We then filled each takeout container about half full with the colored shredded paper. This both keeps the candy from breaking if the container gets moved around as well as make it look more full.

After putting the candy into the containers, we used a white paint pen to write out the names of the recipients.

All that’s left is to add another ribbon to the center of the container handle, and place the lollipop in the side fold of the container!

These valentines will take hardly any time to make, plus you’ll earn parent bonus points for making the craftiest valentines in your child’s class!

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