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Why We Love Rosé Wines



In spring and summer, it’s time to welcome the blushing lovelies back to the retail shelves and to put up the cheer ‘Drink Pink!’ when asked what’s the hip sip for the season. We are talking the drier-styled rosé wines from around the world that have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last ten years – not the confectioned ‘blush wines’ of 70’s jug wine notoriety. With this surge in the fan base we have been seeing a veritable windfall of irresistibly delicious and personality-packed rosés available in the New York market. This is great news for us all!

Why we love rosé wine

For those of you who have yet to shrug off the preconceptions about pink wine, here are some of the simple selling points that may win you over:

1. Stylistic range

From still to sparkling, bone-dry to lightly sweet, from a light salmon pink to a light garnet, rosé wines can offer a stylistic diversity that simply covers all the bases (well, almost). Since a rosé is made much like a red wine but with considerably less grape skin contact (thus the lighter hues) the flavors that this style can potentially deliver are as diverse as the countless red grape varieties that can be utilized (from Blaufränkisch to Zinfandel).

2. Versatility

A wine for all occasions? One could certainly make this argument for a style of wine with some of the personality and characteristics of a red but the refreshing acidity, energy and chill-ability of a white. This gives most rosés the unique ability to not only slake the summer thirst but match smartly with an impressively broad range of foods and ethnic preparations (from burgers to brandade, sushi to souvlaki!). How can this not be hugely appealing when thinking food and wine pairing?

3. Quality & value

The selling point that should drive it all home for the vin-curious and the fearless pink drinker alike: awesome value. While one can spend some shekels on rosé if they so desire (ex: Domaine Ott ‘Ch. De Selle’ Cotes de Provence Rose @ $40+/bottle), the vast majority of the seasonal offerings can be found in the $7 to $15/bottle range (making finding your favorite sub-$10 beach pour for the summer easy). As overall popularity drives production and broader availability of rosé wines from around the world we continue to see a consistently high level of quality amongst these diverse offerings – one of the many reasons rosés have retained their momentum as a ‘hot category’.

If you still aren’t sold, maybe the next heat wave (or plate of grilled squid with cured olives, fennel and lemon) will change your mind. So don’t be shy: that old-vine Garnacha from Spain and Pinot Noir from California that everyone loved so much at your last dinner party? They probably make a rosé version of both. Cheers!

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