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Summer Grilling Tips

Dog Grilling

Carefully follow these summertime grilling tips for the tastiest, juiciest meals every time.

15 Grilling Tips

1. Clean It

Scrub the hot grate with a long-handled wire brush to keep your grill clean and ensure neat grill marks!

2. Grease It

Brush grill grate with oil to prevent food from sticking; grab a small wad of paper towels with tongs, then dip in a bowl of oil and rub lightly to evenly coat the grate.

3. Separate It

Always make sure you are using fresh plates, utensils and cutting boards to prevent raw meat, poultry and fish from contaminating cooked and other food.

4. Flavor It

Glazes = syrupy coatings brushed on during the last few minutes of grilling or as soon as food comes off the grill. Wet and dry rubs = blends of herbs and spices applied up to a few hours before cooking to create a savory crust. Marinades = acidic liquids that deeply infuse and tenderize foods with flavors

5. Smoke It

If you’re grilling outdoors, try different wood varieties to smoke your meat and add subtle nuances. For example, using hardwood logs impart a smoky flavor to foods. Try applewood for sweetness, mesquite for tang, or hickory for a bacon-like taste.

6. Thumb It

Press a little indentation into the top of each raw patty with your thumb so when cooking and the center pushes up, the top of each burger will be relatively level.

7. Sear It

After you marinate your steaks, pat them dry on both sides. Wet steaks don’t sear; they steam.

8. Heat It

Sear food in the middle, where heat is highest, then move to the outer edges of the grill to perfectly cook without burning

9. Line It

When grilling, lay food on the grate in orderly lines. Or for quick-cooking items, such as shrimp and scallops, arrange in a clockwise circle to help you keep track of which foods hit the flames first as well as allow you to group raw items away from cooked ones.

10. Leave It

Resist the temptation to repeatedly check your food. You develop the richest flavors when you leave food alone as much as possible; give food time to sear and develop a crust. Really try to turn only when grill marks form.

11. Time It

Food continues to cook after removed from grill, so ideally removed just before reaching desired done-ness. For meat, feel for firmness (the firmer the feel, the more well-done it is). For seafood, look for opacity (the more opaque the more well-done). For chicken, slit for juice (slip the thickest part of the cut, any juices that escape should run clear).

12. Rest It

Let food rest before serving – a few minutes for small cuts, up to 15 minutes for roast. The resting process allows the juices to redistribute themselves throughout the meat, allowing for the juiciest, most perfectly cooked food.

13. Extinguish It

Don’t use water! The quickest way to extinguish flare-ups is to put the lid on the grill. The lid will reduce the amount of oxygen that feeds the fire, thus limiting or snuffing out the flare-ups.

14. Eat It

You can have your burger, and eat it too!

15. Instagram It

Take a pic for us, pretty please with a cherry on top!

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