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Five Fabulous Taco Ideas

Chicken Tacos - Yum!

Chicken Tacos with Avocado and Cilantro — Yum!

Taco me crazy, but I just can’t get enough of this traditional Mexican (but rapidly becoming an American) staple dish—I practically live for #TacoTuesday. Chicken, pork or crispy fish—I love them all. The sheer variety of this blessed dish means I’ll never get bored of closing my eyes and dreaming about the perfect taco. With myriad topping selections, let’s discuss what exactly defines a taco.

According to food writer Dan Myers, “by the broadest definitions, it’s a handheld, folded unleavened flatbread encasing something edible…meat or vegetables placed onto a warmed tortilla, with the express purpose of folding it and eating it with one hand.”

It’s nice to know that I do not stand alone in my taco obsession; clearly, this sensation has captured the loyal hearts of all its eaters. Here is a round-up of my five favorite taco ideas, courtesy of Instagram.

5 Fabulous Taco Ideas

1. Shrimp Tacos

(By @California.cushion.carpet)

5 Fairway Shrimp June 9 Insta

2. Crispy Fish Tacos

(By @infatuation)

5 Tacos - Crispy Shrimp Taco - Infatuation

3. Chicken Tacos

(By @LifesLittleLookBook)

5 Tacos - Chicken - fuckyeahfooood

4. Al Pastor Tacos

(By @tasteyourcity)

5 Tacos - Al Pastor - tasteyourcity

5. Beef Tacos

(By @TacoTuesdayTour)

5 Tacos - Beef - TacoTuesdayTour


Tuesday comes once a week, and I’m always looking for inspiration and ideas on different taco variations! Hashtag #eatbiglivelarge and #fairwaymarket and/or @fairwaymarket with your favorite Fairway taco formula—I’ll be on the lookout. And don’t forget to check Fairway Market’s Big Weekly Deals page for major savings for your next tacolicious meal!

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