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Citrus Cooking Tips: Add Flavor with Lemon, Orange, Pineapple

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The sight of citrus gets you hooked. Oranges, grapefruits, limes and lemons add pops of color to a kitchen, eating alcove and breakfast nook. The tangy, sweet, vibrantly fresh flavors of citrus are a splash of sunshine. A spritz or zest of citrus brightens up breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Not to mention, this rich source of vitamin C can be a great twist to any common dish. These summer-inspired recipes add life and lightness to any dish.

Citrus Tips:

  1. Selection: blemish-free fruit that’s heavy for its size means it’s full of juice
  2. Storage: wrap in a plastic bag and store in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer
  3. Stow-away: fresh-squeezed juice and citrus zest can be frozen for later use
  4. Supreme: use a vegetable peeler for strips of zest and a micro-plane zester for fluffy, grated zest


citurs smoothie FW

Citrus Smoothie: Blend the juice of your two favorite citrus (1 to 2 of each depending on size), 3/4 cup of yogurt, 2 tbsp Fairway Wildflower Honey, 1/2 cup of ice cubes. Get creative and blend in some zest of your favorite citrus as well.


carrots citrus

Carrots with Spicy Olive-Lemon Oil (Get the recipe)


fairway citrus dinner

Spicy Orange Herbed Shrimp (Get the recipe)


Fairway Citurs Dessert

Grilled Pineapple with Chocolate-Hazelnut-Vanilla-Marscarpone Spread (Get the recipe)

And for hydrating citrus flavor, check out Fairway Simply Seltz’r water available in my favorite flavor, mandarin. (Yes, this post was created while consuming!)

Here at Fairway, we have a big citrus crush. We love the bright, cheery notes citrus brings to our cooking. We’d love to hear your thoughts! #eatbiglivelarge #fairwaymarket and @fairwaymarket to show us how citrus adds sunshine to your day!

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