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Burgers on the Block: Bacon, Cheese & All the Toppings

Burgers are an American all-time favorite cuisine. Summer evokes images of friends gathered around a grill flipping patties and buns. With a myriad of choices in every aspect – patty type, toppings, condiments and bread choice – no two burgers are ever alike! Clearly, the art of assembling a burger masterpiece has become a creative culinary experience.

Fairway’s Favorite Burger Instagrams

Below are some of Fairway Market’s favorite Instagram-captured burger moments.

1. Beef Cheeseburger

Burger @ama_june

This beef cheeseburger posted by @ama_june has us salivating!

2. Beef Bacon Cheeseburger

Burger Bacon @serenagwolf

Because, as @serenagwolf knows, adding bacon is always a good thing! Click here to comment on Fairway Market’s Instagram post of this beautiful burger!

3. Portobello Burger

Burger @kcetliving

Burger’s can be vegetarian friendly as well! @kcetliving went with a portobello patty that’s right up our alley!

4. Beef Crispy Onion Burger

Burger @thestretchchicago

A burger topped with crispy onions would put a wind in our sails! Thanks @thestretchchicago for this windy city post.

5. Beef Caramelized Onion Burger Burger Onion @serenagwolf

Caramelizing onions are a simple extra step that is sure to put a pep in your burger step! Keep them coming @serenagwolf.

Be sure to tune in to Fairway Market YouTube Channel for How-To Videos coming soon. Included is step-by-step directions for burgers #2 and #5!

What are your favorite burger combinations? Let us know by tagging #eatbiglivelarge #fairwaymarket and @fairwaymarket on Twitter and Instagram. We always love seeing our fans’ favorite recipes!

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