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4 Shrimp Dipping Sauces from Fairway Market

Fairway Market Cocktail Sauce with Shrimp

Fairway Market Cocktail Sauce with Shrimp

4 Fairway Market Shrimp Sauces

Dip, spread, smear, and marinate with Fairway’s all natural, highest quality sauces. They impart tons of great flavor to everything they touch. So saucy and good. Simply pop the cap, pour the sauce and your palatable dish is served!

1. Cocktail Sauce: Fairway Cocktail Sauce


Every fridge needs this cocktail sauce! Sweet tomatoes, tangy horseradish and bright lemons = zesty perfection. Fun fact: cocktail sauce was originally served with shrimp hanging around the edge of a cocktail glass – this is the origin of the name!

2. Tartar Sauce: Fairway Tartar Sauce


Tartar Sauce is a thick, whitish fresh sauce that has mustard, tarragon and finely chopped vegetables in it such as onions, capers, and pickles. Mayonnaise based sauce, typically of rough consistency served room temperature or chilled. Often used as a condiment with seafood dishes. Your shrimp simply begs for this wonderfully creamy and tasty tartar sauce.

3. Citrus Dipping Sauce: Fairway Caribbean Mango Sauce


A taste of the islands! The spices and sweet-tartness of this premade wonderful combination are just the way to get your summer grilling started. This sauce is all about an ocean breeze, hot sand beneath bare feet, luscious days basing in summer sun. Succulent mango and sweet red pepper, kicked up with cayenne pepper and tangy Dijon. If sweet and savory is your thing, this is the sauce for you.

4. Chili Sauce: Fairway Thai Red Chili Sauce


Thai Red Chili sauce is zesty, chili-y. Spiked with garlic and habanero, it’s a sweet spice to wake you up, not knock you out. This sweet but kicky, naughty but nice high quality sauce perfectly accompanies shrimp.

By using the freshest and finest natural ingredients, Fairway’s store-bought sauces are sure to perk up any shrimp, or any meal for that matter! Let us know what some of your favorite Fairway premade sauces are by #eatbiglivelarge #fairwaymarket and @fairwaymarket! Now go get saucy!

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