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Fat Tuesday: Foods We Love

It’s FAT TUESDAY, people! And you know what that means…it’s time to celebrate the foods we love and that make us happy. Your Fairway Market offers decadent, indulgent foods that you simply can’t resist. And nor should you! Here are a few of our favorite items you need to eat right now:

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Fried Chicken

Fairway Fried Chicken, available at select Fairway locations, is juicy, succulent chicken, fried to a crispy golden brown. Perfect for dinner with the family with some of Fairway’s pre-made sides, like mashed potatoes and veggies grilled in Fairway olive oil. We love Fairway Market BBQ Sauce in Hawt or Schweet for dipping sauces bursting with spicy and sweet flavors.

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Fairway Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Pure Maple Syrup

Fairway Chocolate Chip Pancakes are light and fluffy, with a sweetness only our chocolate chips could muster. Be sure to check out our other pancake flavors, also available in Gluten-Free!

Beyond pure, Fairway Maple Syrup tastes like it’s tapped fresh from the tree straight to our bottle! Amazing on our pancakes, delicious topped over oatmeal with berries and walnuts, this is one breakfast staple you need in your home.


Fairway Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bars

Our extraordinary chocolate bars are made by our favorite chocolatier, Lake Champlain Chocolates of Burlington Vermont. They are made in small batches using all-natural ingredients and the finest of chocolate. Rich, creamy with whole pieces of dried fruit and nuts, meet your new, favorite afternoon snack!


Fairway Hazelnut Spread

Made with imported Italian hazelnuts, this creamy, rich spread is the perfect accompaniment to your morning breakfast on toast, oats, or atop bananas and berries. Our Hazelnut Spread beats Nutella in live taste tests.


Fairway Homemade Sausages

At the Fairway Market Butcher Shop, we make our own fresh sausage each and every day, in each and every store, from the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Our traditional sausage starts off with the best selection of western corn-fed pork, hand-trimmed and chilled – just a knicker from frost to keep it nice and cool through the blades of the grinder. It is ground only once. The flavorful ingredients are carefully selected and measured for consistency so it will have the same excruciatingly delicious taste each and every time. To maintain the highest level of freshness, we make small batches throughout the day, just enough to meet our supply and demand. The top secret (they won’t even tell me!) recipe that use originally comes from Calabria, Italy; a region known for some of the world’s greatest sausage makers.


Fairway Bakery Pastries

Fairway light, flaky pastries are baked to perfection in small batches throughout the day. We have fresh pain au chocolats with sweet Fairway chocolate filling, cinnamon buns drizzled with frosting, hearty scones, buttery croissants…this is where you start your day off right. Don’t forget to pair your bakery pastry with Fairway’s freshly ground coffee!

Panko Chive Crispy Mac and Cheese!

Mac ‘n Cheese

Does it get better than creamy, gooey mac ‘n cheese the whole family will love? With Fairway’s world-renowned Cheese Department, you have tons of incredible options for all your favorite cheeses, both proudly made in the U.S.A. and imported. Try this recipe for Panko Chive Crispy Mac ‘n Cheese.

Fairway (Flourless) Chocolate Cake

Sweet, decadent, layers upon layers of chocolate…now this is the ultimate reward. Your Fairway Bakery creates specialty chocolate cakes, and a rich flourless version with bits of chocolate sprinkled on the side and a smooth chocolate frosting. If you love chocolate, you need to try this!

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