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Introducing Big Deal Basics – Produce Edition!

Introducing Big Deal Basics!

Introducing Big Deal Basics!

We know that you already enjoy being able to find all the best foods at great prices in our stores, but that doesn’t stop us from continuing to strive to be better and better. That’s what Big Deal Basics is all about. As your true one-stop shop, we’re the place you come to for the best everyday low prices on your staple food items to your fresh meat and seafood, groceries and household items, to chef-prepared meals and specialty and imported foods, and more. So every month, look for Big Deal Basics signs throughout our departments for amazing deals on your favorite staple items. This is how we make the ordinary become extraordinary together!

Our Produce Team selected these great fruits and veggies to be featured in our stores as part of Big Deal Basics:

Fuji apples

An oldie, but goodie! The Fuji apple is super sweet, crispy, and juicy, juicy, juicy.

Hass Avocado

California navel oranges

Grapefruits (bagged)

A unique combination of tangy and sweet. Grapefruits will rope you in with their luscious pink flesh and distinct tantalizing aroma.


With the sweet aroma of a warm vacation and the anticipation of a juicy pleasure, pineapples are not only sublimely delicious, but they also contain vitamins and minerals that can help regulate the digestive system and maintain balanced nutrition.


Baby Carrots (bagged)

Sliced White Mushrooms

Cello Onions (bagged)



Broccoli has everything for everyone; soft and leafy texture, crisp stems, versatility and style. The nutritional benefits are invaluable; vitamin C, K, A, and tons of dietary fiber.

Tomatoes on the vine

Because they are kept on the vine, they are not picked until after they start turning red. These tomatoes have not been forced to ripen or turn red and they continue to receive nutrients through their stem, which keeps them sturdy and delicious!

Organic Golden Delicious Apple

Organic Red Delicious Apple

The quintessential red apple with a classic taste. Mildly sweet, juicy, hardy skinned, and crunchy.

Earthbound Salads

These organic California grown salad mixes are delicious! Earthbound Farm is the largest grower of organic produce in the world and was the first to successfully launch pre-washed packaged salad. These greens are so fresh and tasty you might even feel guilty that making a great salad is so easy. Our salad spinner hasn’t been out of the cabinet for a long time now.

Explore the deals for yourself here:Big Deal Basics Page 1Big Deal Basics Page 2

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