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Top of the Latke to You!


Everyone knows that it’s not the Festival of Lights without the latkes. As a Hanukkah tradition, the scent of fried potatoes has been worn with pride – your neighbors and friends have suddenly salivated when you’ve come ‘round. This year, a new tradition is in store – our stores – your Fairway. All throughout the Hanukkah week, our chefs will be in our kitchens hand-making latkes for our cases on the daily. This time-honored recipe and craft has been a part of how Fairway celebrates the Festival of Lights for over 30 years. The homemade taste, look and sensation, created from the finest, simple ingredients, are virtually incomparable. Taking on this new tradition of Fairway latkes will result in fresher-smelling clothes, a cleaner kitchen, and neighbors that don’t want to eat you.

Top off your new tradition with a modern spin on a classic meal of latkes: A staple accompaniment to the potato latke is… drum roll please… applesauce! What’s your new flair on applesauce? Fairway label applesauce is made by our expert culinary staff, who care more about taste and quality ingredients than anyone else we know. Our applesauce is full of deep and hidden flavors and notes. We leave it chunky for perfect texture and spice it with cinnamon for an incredible flavor profile. Have heaps of helpings on your table when you serve the latkes.

For a latke brunch special that you can have at any time of day, serve the latkes warm with a dollop of crème fresh, a thin layer of Fairway smoked salmon, and a delicate sprinkle of caviar. It’s a classic look for your table that will feel new and exciting with every delicious bite! Ask your Fairway deli-counter person for help choosing a perfect Fairway smoked salmon for the occasion, or ask for a new suggestion – Get a little latke loco!

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