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Fairway Deli Traditions: A Delightful, Deli-full Festival of Lights!

Fairway Deli Favorite Lox with Fairway Cream Cheese on Pumpernickel Bread

Fairway Deli Favorite Lox with Fairway Cream Cheese on Pumpernickel Bread

New Yorkers know Fairway’s Deli. This holiday season, find hundreds of traditional, delicious pre-made and ready-to-go foods at your Fairway Market Deli for breakfast, lunch and dinner options prepared with the finest ingredients, to keep you happy, healthy, and seriously well-fed all day and season long.

Fairway Deli Sandwich Beef Pastrami with Fairway Moutarde en Grains & Vegetable Chips

Fairway Deli Beef Pastrami Sandwich with Fairway Moutarde en Grains & Vegetable Chips

For a traditional, famous NY-style deli, look no further than your Fairway Market. Deli for brunch, lunch, or dinner, your Fairway Deli offers everything you would expect from a world-famous NY-style deli counter, including our renowned house-smoked salmon, fresh pastrami, corned beef, potato and pasta salads, coleslaw, herring, knishes, potato latkes, and so much more. Don’t forget our signature pickle bar and Jewish rye bread from our bakery!

Every Fairway Deli also has a talented chef, overseeing a team of cooks who prepare classics and beyond with fresh, high quality Fairway ingredients, every day, all day. 

Try Fairway lox and cream cheese on fresh baked pumpernickel bread for breakfast and a beef pastrami sandwich for lunch with a side of pasta salad, coleslaw, and a Fairway pickle. Enjoy dinner with our Deli’s pre-made potato latkes, and get hosting with our incredible herring for inspired hors d’oeuvres.

New Yorkers know Fairway’s Deli for time-honored, delicious NY-style deli foods. And you should, too. Happy Holidays!

Let us know your favorite Fairway Market Deli foods in the comments below!

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