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NEW! Fairway Monthly Flyer: Thanksgiving with Fairway!

Fairway November Flyer for Thanksgiving!

Fairway November Flyer for Thanksgiving!


We hate to play favorites, but Thanksgiving may be our all-time happiest holiday.

Nothing brings people together the way wonderful food does. Food is a universal language of love, family, community, and joy. At Fairway, we’re fluent. We’re THE destination for everything you need for Thanksgiving and beyond. If cooking is not in the cards, pick up ready-to-serve foods, prepared with love right here in our markets…or let our talented chefs cater your holiday. If you love to cook, we have every ingredient you can dream of. Head to for a great collection of recipes, entertaining tips, and turkey-carving tutorials. Don’t forget to order your turkey NOW at

For the freshest bird, there is no other option than your local Fairway Market. Local, antibiotic-free, organic, kosher, smoked, brined, all-natural and oven-ready, we’ve got everything you need to cook and cater the perfect, most delicious Thanksgiving for your family with ease. Let us do the work for you, and you take all the credit!

In this Fairway Flyer, get great savings on all Thanksgiving foods, learn how to carve a turkey, or sign-up for cooking lessons with Fairway Chef Mitchell London to craft the perfect meal.

Wishing you and yours an abundance of great food, health, and happiness this holiday season.

- From the Associates at Fairway Market

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