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NEW! Fairway Monthly Flyer: International Foods!

October Monthly Flyer

October Monthly Flyer

We do international foods like no other market. What does that mean…?

Our shoppers are savvy, inquisitive, curious, and adventurous, and we love them for it. We love to nurture a sense of wonder about food by sharing our passions and knowledge. And what better way to do that than to offer the world to you? We’ve traveled all across the far reaches of the globe, tasting and testing, chatting and pointing, smelling and searing, picking and plucking for the best that this great Earth, land and sea, has to eat.

This month’s flyer is your passport and guide to the greatest foodstuff from around the world. Whether it’s a bargain from Britain, imports from Ireland, marvels of the Mediterranean, tastes you’ve never heard of or even staples you had no idea came from so far. Our figurative bags are packed and we’re ready to bring you on this journey where the world meets you under our roof! We’re talking artisanal cheeses from Switzerland, the most amazing meats from Germany, mouth-watering gems from Italy, and pages of knowledge about olive oils from around the world that you will become intimate with.

We did all the work for you, now it’s your time to explore and enjoy!

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