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NEW! Fairway Monthly Flyer: Foods Exclusive to Fairway!

Exclusively Fairway. Check out our new monthly flyer!

Exclusively Fairway. Check out our new monthly flyer!

Exclusively Fairway, exclusively yours.
Our Fairway exclusives were sourced and born from our insatiable passion for food. We’re committed to bringing you the greatest foodstuff of this world. That’s what gave us the bright idea to present an entire month-long flyer dedicated to introducing you to our irresistible exclusives. What can we say, we’re devoted to you!
Through September, get intimate with Steve Jenkins as he pours his heart out about his favorite specialty items, exclusive to Fairway. Digest his words and then try out his picks for yourself. He suggests unique and practical ways to use his items; what tastes you can expect; and some fun history of where what we love came from.
Further on, get to know our line of Fairway private label items. From mouth-watering pancake mix and authentic maple syrup for breakfast to pasta sauces made from time-honored recipes for dinner and everything in between. But it certainly doesn’t end there! Our baked fresh breads and pastries, fresh meats, incredible olive oil collection, cheeses, recipes and cooking methods, and more are exclusively ours, which means they’re exclusively yours.
You may even find some surprises – things you didn’t know that you could only find at Fairway, because you’re here all the time. Well now you know for sure that you will never have to look elsewhere. And you can tell all your friends too. For more updates, likes us on Facebook, sign up for our E-Newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Instagram

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