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Fairway Prepared Foods: Mediterranean Tables (Sicily, Tuscany, French Riviera)

Fairway Mediterranean Table - French Riviera

Fairway Mediterranean Table – French Riviera

What could possibly be better than a deliciously prepared meal with fresh, natural ingredients conveniently available at your local Fairway Market? Fairway’s Mediterranean Tables, found in our Prepared Foods section, are just that.

Inspired by the true tastes of the French Riviera, Tuscany and Sicily from our Mediterranean travels, these platters are bursting with unique flavor and full of satiating goodness. Did we mention they’re also healthy and good for you?

Each package celebrates a region we are obsessed with:

Fairway Mediterranean Table - Sicily

Fairway Mediterranean Table – Sicily


Eggplant salad, goat cheese and briny olives, roasted beets, and spaghetti squash.


Milky cillengini, fennel salad, grilled asparagus, white bean salad.

French Riviera

Nutty lentil salad, haricot verts, sweet roasted carrots, and French couscous.

Prepared fresh in Fairway kitchens, these make a perfect lunch for one, dinner accompaniment for four, or tapas for many. Just add a Fairway baguette or your favorite flatbread.

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