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NEW! Fairway Monthly Flyer: Organic & Natural Products!

Fairway Monthly Flyer - August 2014

Fairway Monthly Flyer – August 2014

Fairway Loves Organic & Natural

One thing is for sure: Fairway loves organic and natural foods!

This August, our Fairway Flyer is all about our amazing selection of organic and natural products! Did you know we:

  • Carry over 23,066 organic and natural items
  • Carry over 5,000 gluten-free products
  • Carry over 2,000 name-brand organic and natural supplements
  • Added over 2,000 new organic items in 2014
  • Sold 11.2 million organic eggs last year
  • Sold 244 tons of nut butter last year
  • Sell 2 million lbs. of fresh, all-natural salmon every year

Learn about Fairway’s organic fruits and vegetables—locally grown in Milton, New York—as well as our organic and natural breads, meats and seafood. Explore our wide selection of gluten-free goodness and organic and natural supplements. Even our favorite olive oils are organic! Organic baby food? We have over 440 types for your happy, healthy baby! Plus, get tons of great savings you can’t get anywhere else.

Your Fairway Market has a long history in organic and natural foods, from our origins as a fruit and vegetable stand over 80 years ago to being one of the largest curators today of organic, natural foods and products.

So, stay tuned food lovers — the new Fairway Flyer hits stores next Thursday! For more updates, like us on Facebook, sign up for our E-Newsletter or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Learn more about living gluten-free with Fairway in our special Fairway Gluten-Free Magazine.

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