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Fairway Catering: Family Reunion Tips & Ideas


Summer is a great time for a family reunion, the weather is warmer, there is more flexibility in people’s schedules and kids can run around outside.

Here are some catering tips to help make your family reunion fun and enjoyable:

1. Family reunions involve a wide range of ages and eating preferences; cover the bases with a chicken or meat entree and a salmon entree, a vegetarian pasta dish for vegetarians and finger foods like real chicken fingers for kids. When calculating the kids’ food, increase the quantity by 10%, adults love to sneak good chicken fingers.

2. Watermelon is a must for a summer family reunion. It is cool and refreshing, stays well outside, healthy and a perennial favorite.

3. Ask everyone to bring multiple copies of their favorite family recipe on an index card. Purchase inexpensive photo albums. Put the recipe cards in the albums on the spot and you have an instant family recipe book to give to each family when they leave.

Check Out the Complete Summer Party and You’re My Hero sections of our Summer Catering Menu to plan the perfect family reunion!

-Rebecca Martin (Director of Catering)

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