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Dig New York, Just Like Our Local Growers: 7 Reasons Why We Love Local!

Fairway Market loves local, especially our local growers! Here’s why:

1. Locally grown food tastes amazing. Don’t believe us? Try a sweet strawberry just picked in sunny Long Island, or juicy Jersey heirloom tomato, or sweet summer corn, or fresh, creamy yogurt made in upstate New York. Told you so.

2. Local food is good for the earth. Food shipped long, long distances leads to a big carbon footprint for a small bunch of veggies. Organic, and sustainable eats are good choices, too!

3. Local foods support our local economy. Your hard-earned cash goes to farmers, growers, and artisans close to home. It works to build our local economy and help it flourish.

4.  Local food builds our community. We buy direct from local farmers, paying respect to the time-honored connection between eater and grower and fostering connection with the seasons, land, and your food.

5.  Local food is often healthy food. Less time between the farm and your table means less nutrients get lost from fresh food. At Fairway, we’re proud to bring all of our produce from farms straight to our stores. Our fruits and veggies never languish in warehouses, like they do in so many stores.

6.  Local food supports the future of farming. Supporting local farms helps ensure local goods can be grown and raised for generations to come.

7. Local foods are rich in variety. Farmers selling locally are not limited to the few specific breeds that are bred for long distance shipping, high yields, and shelf life. Experiment with wonderful, unusual varieties you will never find on most supermarket shelves… Fairway is proud to offer these amazing finds.

Check out our infographic below and feel the love for local with Fairway.

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