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Carla Hall Brings Cookie Love to Fairway

Carla Hall’s name may sound familiar to you. Maybe you’ve watched her do her thing on “The Chew” or on “Top Chef,” and have fallen for her food savvy and bubbly charisma. We like TV, but we love cookies even more. When we tasted her flavorful, savory, oh-so-cute, bite-sized cookies, we knew we had to have them on our shelves.

We’re total suckers for artisan products made in small batches, and these are exactly that. Carla’s cookie team roll, shape, cut, bake and package all of their products by hand in their Silver Spring, Maryland kitchen. They use only the finest ingredients—European-style butter, unbleached sugar & flour, couverture chocolate, handmade cheeses, fresh nuts, premium spices…and LOVE. Of course love! 

These cookies make a great snack; they’re also bold enough to stand up wonderfully to beer, wine & tea. The flavors are twists on classics, like Pecan Shortbread with Vanilla Salt (so good with an iced coffee on a hot day!) and Goat Cheese with Dried Cranberries with a hint of rosemary (serve for an elegant appetizer with a charcuterie platter and you’re a brilliant host/hostess). Perfect for entertaining. Perfect for picnicking. Just all around perfect.




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