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Fairway Catering: 4 Tips To Create An A+ Graduation Party

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Graduation parties aren’t just for college grads anymore. These days all ages celebrate graduation from kindergarten through graduate school. Here are some tips to help make your party fun and stress-free for everyone.

1. Graduation parties often include family and friends, which means guests spanning a wide age range. If you have a group that is comprised of multiple decades, pick hors d’oeuvres that every age will enjoy, such as pigs-in-blankets, tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa, and shrimp cocktail. BBQ burgers, chicken, and hot dogs are also popular with everyone. If you don’t want to be standing at the grill, we can refer you to a staffing company who will provide chefs and staff so you can enjoy your party. Or, choose entrees like chicken francese, filet mignon, or hero sandwiches.

2. If you are having over 40 guests, consider hiring servers so you can enjoy your event. Fairway Catering consultants can refer you to a staffing company.

3. Add color to your party and incorporate the graduate’s school colors in the celebration. For high school graduates going off to college, feature the college colors on the celebration cake, tablecloths, napkins, streamers and balloons, which will brighten the festivities. Using two colors makes a statement while keeping the decorations easy to manage.

4. Take a tip from professional caterers and create a simple party schedule with the menu to keep on your person during the party. Refer to the schedule periodically to keep the party moving along. Refer to the menu as you are putting out the food so you can avoid opening the refrigerator after your guests have left only to find the fruit platter you forgot to put out!

Check Out the Complete Summer Party and You’re My Hero sections of our Summer Catering Menu to plan the perfect graduation celebration!

-Rebecca Martin (Director of Catering)

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